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Function of High Frequency Preheating
Principle of HF. Dielectric Heating
Merits of HF Heating
FUJI HF Pre-Heaters
Principle Features of Standard Models
More Efficient and Uniform Heating
Infra-Red Temperature Control System
Specifications of Standard Pre-Heaters
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Function of High Frequency Preheating
High Frequency (H.F.) Preheating of Thermo-set plastic by taking advantage of the H.F. Dielectric Heating principle makes more efficient and trouble-free such Molding process as for compression transfer and pultruction molding.

H.F. Preheating of resin before molding contributed to reduction of the cycle time to 1/2-1/5, decrease of insufficient filling of the resin and air-entrapping, resultantly increase of the yield, and improvement to insulation endurance and other physical strength of the product.

The H.F. Preheating process is widely applied for Thermo-set plastic molding such as for electric components, mechanical parts, melamine tableware, and packaging of IC, transistors and other micro-electronic components, In the FRP  pultruction and SMC/BMC molding process, H.F. Pre-heaters are also developingly used.

Principle of H.F. Dielectric Heating
Fundamentally different from External Heating by means of thermal conduction, radiation, and convection, the H.F Dielectric Heating is called Internal Heating, i.e. the materia1 generates heat by itself in the result of molecular friction?
Electrical insulation material such as plastic and wood has generally a poor thermal conduction. However, when H.F. power with 3-100 MHz is applied to such material, it forces molecular (dipole) to move as much as, for instance 73*1,000,000 times at 73MHz, resulting in generation of molecular friction and further in rapid generation of internal heat. This feature the H.F. Dielectric Heating process and makes it incomparable with other methods.

dielectric heating

Merits of HF Heating
Reduction of the molding cycle time by l/2 - 1/5.
Improvement of fluidity, resulting in sufficient filling resin into die without voids and air-entrapping.
Virtually no need for de-gassing step in the mold cycle .
Improvement in electrical insulation property of the product and restraint of formalin efflux from mold melamine product.
Reduction of worn-out speed of both the die and the plunger.
Reduction of the required molding pressure, or possible resin filling of a lager volume with the same pressure.
Less risks of damaging wires in the IC and Semiconductor packaging operation.
FUJI HF Pre-Heaters
Ranked No.1 in the world.
Minimized radio field leakage, meeting with world wide regulations.
Well designed for safe and easy operation and maintenance.
High heating efficiency thanks to high oscillation efficiency and low circuit loss.
Easy access operation panel and automatic hood.
Substantial know-how and years of experiences for more uniform and rapid preheating with a higher yield.
After-sales servicing organizations world wide.
Principle Features of Standard Models
Automatic motor driven hood
  • No compressed air required....Easy location and relocation of the unit.
  • Wide hood opening angle for easy setting-up and taking out of work pieces.
  • Accurate hood closing positioning---Accurate electrodes parallelity.
Easy maintenance and Minimized down time
  • Easy access to control circuits, located inside of the dust-sealed front panel.
  • Easy reading of Anode and Grid currents by changeover switch.
  • Easy detection of abnormal condition of the interlock circuit by "Orange" lamp.
Easy Access and Simple operation
  • Minimized operation buttons and clearly visible parameters .
  • Selectable cycle buzzer activation, START/STOP.
Safety and Protection devices
  • Hood safety device, automatic high tension grounding and hood closing interlock.
  • Dual main switches with no-fuse breakers.
  • Air flow switch detecting oscillation tube ventilation condition.
  • Soft-Start Circuits (5-10kW) for restraining any surge voltage at start.
  • Triple construction dust filters restraining incoming dust.
More Efficient and Uniform Heating

Roller Electrode type
This type uses special rotating electrode, achieving highly efficient heating.
The roller pitch adjustment enables optimum and external temperature distribution in the preformed resin.

Roller Electrode

Flat Electrode type
A variety of electrode is available for rectangle pre-form and powder resin .

flat electrode
Custom-made Electrodes
Temperature distribution control in length Temperature distribution control in diameter: narrow pitch



Custom made electrode mounted on flat electrode Temperature distribution control in diameter: wide pitch



Infra-Red Temperature Control System for more accurate control
Infrared (IR) Temperature control system, a built-in-option on FUJI Pre-heater, shuts HF Power off at the preset temperature by IR Sensor detecting the measured radiation value of resin to have reached the preset value. Resin temperature is shown on the display and temperature setting is also available on the display.

I/R temperature control FTH-950

Features and Specification of FTH-1000 system
  • In use of IR Temperature Control System, repeatability of the controlled temperature of actually preformed resin is in generally approx. 2-3 degree C.
  • This System restrains the temperature variation, caused by variation of input power voltage, moisture content and initial temperature of resin.
  • IR sensor detects the surface temperature of the nearest resin.
  • The System cannot control the temperature distribution of the materia1.
Difference between IR Temperature Control System and conventional Timer Control System in function against input power variation.


Specification of Standard FDP-series
  FDP-220M FDP-320M FDP-520M FDP-720M FDP-1020M
HF Output (kW) 2 3 5 7 10
Frequency (MHz) 62 62 62 62 27.12
Line Voltage 3-phase 200V 3-phase 200V 3-phase 200V 3-phase 200V 3-phase 200V
Line Input (kVA) 4 6.7 11 14 20
Heating Capability 90deg. 90sec. 90deg. 90sec. 90deg. 90sec. 90deg. 90sec. 90deg. 90sec.
Phenol Resin 600g 1000g 1700g 2200g 3400g
Melamine Resin 420g 700g 1200g 1500g 2400g
Electrode Size (mm) 200x200 230x270 300x350 300x-350 420x480
Electrode Distance (mm) 20~70 25~80 30~80 30~80 35~80
Hood Drive Motor Driven Motor Driven Motor Driven Motor Driven Motor Driven
Dimensions (mm)
W x D x H
Gross Weight (kg) 150 190 300 300 550
  FDP-223M FDP-223MX FDP-323M FDP-523M FDP-723M FDP-1023M
HF Output (kW) 2   3 5 7 10
Frequency (MHz) 75 75 75 75 75 40.68
Line Voltage 3-phase 200V 3-phase 200V 3-phase 200V 3-phase 200V 3-phase 200V 3-phase 200V
Line Input (kVA) 4 4 6.7 11 14 20
Electrode Size (mm) 100 120 150 200 200 200
Tablet Diameter (mm) 25~40 40~60 40~60 40~70 40~70 40~70
Hood Drive Motor Driven Motor Driven Motor Driven Motor Driven Motor Driven Motor Driven

Dimensions (mm)
W x D x H

Gross Weight (kg) 150 160 190 300 300 550
Custom Made / Special Models
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