High Frequency Business-Form Dryer


The High Frequency Business-Form Dryer is specially designed for drying the water-based glue coated on the Business-Form and available for water-based printing ink.
Water-based glue, ink and other coatings are preferable for environment comparing with solvent based.
Conventional Hot-Air or Infra Red drying method requires longer drying time for this water based material resulting in low productivity and more rejects. High Frequency energy is quite effective for this material and obtainable better yield


1. Available to replace the exiting dryer of the roll-coat. Of course for new one.
2. Energy saving: low energy cost and reasonable investment.
3. Available for any coating pattern, obtainable quick and uniform drying.
4. In comparable features with conventional dryer and microwave dryer.

We can offer this dryer with confidence to you: Minimized Space, Low Cost and Reliable 0peration .


1. Compact body comparing with existing H.F. Dryer.
2. Separated power source and oven is available to easy installation.
3. No needs any complicated adjustment and obtainable stable operation.
4. No damage to the paper. Dry-up just water-based glue any pattern.
5. Multiple-number installation for high volume material is available.


Layout example
The following illustration shows actual installation pattern together with collator.

Type DRY-R
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Model FDA-202VD
Out Put Power 2kW
Frequency 40.68MHz
Power Supply 3 phase 200V 3.5kVA
Paper Width (max.) 480mm (max.)
Weight Oven : 40kg
Power Supply : 90kg
Dimensions of Type DRY-R

Type DRY-S
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Model FDA-202VDJ
Out Put Power 2kW
Frequency 40.68MHz
Power Supply 3 phase 200V 3.5kVA
Paper Width (max.) 15 inch (max.)
Weight Oven : 45kg
Power Supply : 70kg
Dimensions of Type DRY-S

Stand-alone Type

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